K-8 Free Public Charter School Spaces Available

Why choose New Horizons ?

NHCA’s educational focus will be to provide all of our students with academic equity and solid foundations in science education, technology, and oral and written academic English skills so they become college prepared and career ready.

Welcome to New Horizons Charter Academy!

New Horizons Charter Academy is committed to providing our students with a comprehensive education that will utilize state of the art technology to support K-8 academic instruction that will nurture and prepare students so they develop 21st century skills from the onset. NHCA is highly committed to providing our students with a wide range of  the educational strategies, programs, and tools that will motivate, meaningfully engage, systematically support, and continuously challenge them as individuals to develop critical thinking, collaborative, creative, mathematical, technology , and social skills so they become college-prepared and career ready.

Community Spirit

Fun and Excitement

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